The Bedwetting Doctor.

I was asked by a doctor to create an e-commerce website to sell bedwetting alarms - an effective cure for nocturnal enuresis. My brief was to create a website that is clean and accessible to everyone, but with an emphasis towards children.


Inviting and responsive.

Using positive, colourful imagery on a clean and uncluttered interface, the website welcomes shoppers. The photographs are also child-centred to meet the main target audience of the bedwetting alarms.


The website is fully responsive for tablets and mobiles, to cater for the many people that use their devices to shop.

Colour and tone.

The colour scheme needed to match the both the

child-targeted products and the medical tone of the website. Part of the brief was to use tiffany blue as the primary colour. Working with that, I chose three other colours -  two blues and a purple - to compliment the tiffany-blue theme whilst providing enough contrast to make them stand out on their own.





Ease and efficiency.

The main feature of the website is its capabilities as an online shop. Set up using a cutting edge e-commerce content management system, the site takes payments in an easy and efficient way meaning less hassle for both the client and the customer.


With so many different varieties of alarms, each with different functions and colours, the website uses a

multi-layer navigation system so all the products can be located easily.

“James provided a great service and was excellent to work with. He produced a fantastic collection of photographs for our website and then went on to create the website itself in a very quick and efficient way.


I have already had a lot of positive feedback regarding my new website and I cannot thank James enough for all his hard work. I would definitely recommend JL digital to anyone who needs a website creating."


The Bedwetting Doctor