When Susie asked me to assist her in setting up a blog, I had a blank canvas. Having been given some examples of what she was after, I formed some sample logos that I hoped would set the tone for the website.


Pink seemed an obvious option, given the nature of the blog. With a light and dark shade plus a mid-grey, the blog took shape as a clear and clean interface.

Susie Sogot.

A little blog about beauty.

Sophisticated, informal.

Despite not being a common combination, I knew what Susie meant when she asked for something sophisticated, yet informal. The use of a handwriting script font was the perfect balance of both.

"James communicated with me constantly whilst working on my blog which was great as I liked being kept in the loop. He asked my preference on design options but offered his professional opinion which I found really helpful. James was extremely friendly but at the same time an absolute professional who is clearly very talented in his field. I am thrilled with my blog and won’t hesitate to go back to James in the future should I require any form of web design."


Susie Sogot

When looking at Wordpress templates for the blog, I felt it was essential to use one which was responsive and would resize on tablets and phones. With a target audience of twentysomethings it really was an imperative function.


The navigation was kept simple, like the design. Just three pages were needed and this keeps the blog from looking cluttered.

Mobile friendly,

user friendly.