Tour guide for Bath

and the South West.

Rosemary English approached me for the branding of her new tour guide business. I built her a website as well as designing business cards and promotional leaflets. I also took all photos for the projects.


Elegant yet informative.

As a qualified Blue Badge tour guide - a prestigious accolade - Rosemary wanted her business to show elegance and class. After all, Bath is a beautiful city that has long been associated with high society and the wealth of the upper class.


The deep blue colour scheme reflects both these factors, whilst the fonts were chosen to capture an essence of the grandeur and history of the tour locations.

Accessible and simple.

The target audience for Rosemary English is tourists, primarily from abroad. Using this information, I created a mobile phone site to run alongside the main website in order to make it easier for travellers to access the relevant information in  as quickly as possible while on the go.


In order to engage her target audience further, Rosemary requested that the website be translated into Chinese.


Behind the scenes, the website and phone sites are optimised for best SEO practice, ensuring a high rank on Google.

A refined process.

Only by working closely with Rosemary and finding out what she was looking for have the designs developed into what you see now. It is always important to me to have client input and I wanted Rosemary to be sure project was heading in a direction she was happy with.

“James is wonderful to work with and is not only helpful but prompt, efficient and full of constructive ideas. His photography is first class and he listened carefully to what I wanted and exceeded my expectations with the result. His costs are amazingly reasonable. I have recommended him to friends and had no hesitation in doing so."


Rosemary English