Clean and informative.

My initial priority was making sure the website layout was clear and ordered, both visually and technically, by creating a simple layout and ensuring all the site text is readable.


There was also a lot of new content to be added so I liased with Jack to get the maximum amount of information displayed in the most visually appealing way.


 A few months after the website launch, Jack asked for a mobile version to better target his audience.

Jack emailed me asking how to get his website ranking top of Google for phrases relevant to his business. Jack's a magician, by the way, and a very good one a that!


Having looked at his existing website, I could see that there was a deep-rooted problem: his website was dated and didn't comply with current web standards. He was happy for me to redesign the the site so all the problems could be addressed.

Jack Stephens.

A magic renovation.


Thank you for the work you have done to design a new website for my business. I am delighted with the look of the new site and very impressed with your prompt, efficient and polite service. Handing over a few bits of information on myself, some photographs and newspaper cuttings, you have created a most attractive and user friendly website for me.

Now that is magic!


Jack Stephens